Withdrawal Policy

1. Withdrawal of Manuscripts

Authors who wish to withdraw a submitted manuscript from consideration for publication in JNLP are required to follow the withdrawal process outlined below.

2. Withdrawal Procedure

  • Authors must submit a formal withdrawal request to the editorial office of JNLP via email or through the online manuscript submission system. The withdrawal request should include the manuscript title, corresponding author's name, and the reason for withdrawal.

3. Acceptable Reasons for Withdrawal

Withdrawal requests will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • The author discovers significant errors or inaccuracies in the submitted manuscript that cannot be corrected within an acceptable timeframe.
  • The research results have been previously published elsewhere, leading to copyright infringement or duplication.
  • Ethical concerns or violations of publication ethics are identified.

4. Reviewer and Editor Considerations

If a manuscript is withdrawn before any peer review has taken place, the withdrawal process will be straightforward. If a manuscript has already undergone peer review, the editorial board will consider the following:

  • If the withdrawal request is made before reviewers have been assigned and no significant resources have been expended, the withdrawal may be granted without further review.
  • If the manuscript has already been sent out for review, the editorial board will assess the situation and may consider allowing the withdrawal if reviewers' comments have not yet been received.

5. Publication Charges

If a manuscript is withdrawn before acceptance, any publication charges that have been paid by the author will be refunded, subject to the journal's refund policy.

6. Copyright and Licensing

Authors who withdraw their manuscript remain responsible for any copyright issues that may arise from the withdrawal. Any licenses granted to JNLP regarding the withdrawn manuscript will be revoked.

7. Communicating Withdrawal

Upon approval of the withdrawal request, JNLP will confirm the withdrawal to the corresponding author via email.

8. Re-submission

Authors are welcome to revise and re-submit a withdrawn manuscript if they choose to address the issues that led to the withdrawal. The re-submission will be treated as a new submission and subject to the regular peer-review process.

9. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the editorial office at jnlp@uniuyo.edu.ng.