For Editors

Editorial Independence: Editors must maintain editorial independence and make decisions based on the scholarly merit of the manuscript, its originality, relevance, and adherence to the journal's scope and guidelines. They should not be influenced by personal, financial, or other non-academic factors.

Peer Review Process: Editors are responsible for implementing a fair and rigorous peer review process. They must ensure that reviewers are qualified and impartial, and that the identities of authors and reviewers remain confidential during the review process.

Transparency and Communication: Editors should clearly communicate the journal's policies, procedures, and expectations to authors, reviewers, and readers. They must handle any ethical concerns or complaints promptly and fairly, following established guidelines and ethical standards.

Corrections and Retractions: If significant errors, misleading information, or ethical misconduct are identified in a published article, editors have a responsibility to initiate appropriate corrections, retractions, or expressions of concern as necessary, following the journal's Retraction Policy and established guidelines.

Contact Information

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